Women in Financial Services Awards


Super Review and Money Management are proud to team up once again to present the Women in Financial Services Awards Winners 2017.


It was a fun night: https://www.facebook.com/pg/superreview/photos/?tab=album&album_id=14507...



Female BDM of the Year

We are looking for nominations from exceptional female business development managers working in any sector of the industry, like life insurance, funds management or even technology.

Industry Advocacy

This award recognises women who have worked tirelessly on improving the image of the financial services industry in the eyes of the public. The judges will be looking for involvement in specific programs or initiatives aimed at promoting the financial services industry. Furthermore, the panel will also look at nominees who liaised closely with industry organisations to create better outcomes for those working in the sector on a policy level.

Marketing & Communications Award

Our industry is home to some of the biggest corporations in the country and thus some of the most creative marketing and PR teams. This award is calling for nominations from women who have spearheaded a notable marketing, PR or communications campaign for a company, organisation or association in financial services. Internal teams and agency employees are eligible to enter for this award.

Financial Planner of the Year

This award is looking to recognise an outstanding female professional working in financial planning. Any female planner that has nominated themselves for the Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Award, may use their existing nomination for the Women in Financial Services, Financial Planner of the Year Award.

Superannuation Executive of the Year

The superannuation award will recognise an outstanding female executive working in the superannuation sector. This award will be selected by the Money Management/Super Review editorial team.

Investment Manager of the Year

This award is looking to recognise an outstanding female professional working within the investment management sector. This award will be selected by the Money Management/Super Review editorial team.

Pro-Bono Award

Pro bono work is one of the distinguishing and admirable features of the financial services industry. This award calls for nominations from women who have completed significant initiatives that have delivered a positive contribution to the community, or provided a positive social benefit over the past 12 months.

Rising Star of the Year

The Rising Star Award is open to all women who are in their first five years of working within the financial services industry. Judges will be looking for personal achievement and a meaningful contribution to the industry in a manner that sets them apart.

IT Innovator

Digital transformation has been leading to fundamental change in the Australian Financial Services Industry. Money Management’s Technology Innovator award is designed to recognise women who have helped drive that change whether it be in the platforms space, the delivery of robo advice, planning software or customer relationship management. Winners of this award will have demonstrated both innovation and leadership in technology meeting the needs of the market and benefiting the broader financial services industry.

Life Insurance Award

Specifically aimed at women working within the life insurance sector, this award is aiming to recognise exceptional women working in the risk insurance space. Women working in advice, product development, underwriting, or distribution are all eligible to apply.

Mentor of the Year

This award recognises talented managers within organisations who have actively and successfully shaped the careers of others within the Australian financial services industry. Any team leader – whether they’re a practice principal, fund manager, insurance executive, distribution head or a platform manager – is eligible for this award.

Employer of the Year

This award aims to recognise those companies that have proactively sought to achieve diversity and gender balance in the workplace. The judges will also be looking for companies who have targeted women by creating flexibility in the workplace or launching specific recruitment programs/initiatives.

Woman of the Year

Women have come a long way in the last few decades and have broken quite a few glass ceilings. The Woman of the Year award, our headline award for the evening, will recognise an inspiring female leader in the financial services industry who has challenged, influenced or even changed the culture of this sector. The winner of this award will be selected by the Money Management/Super Review editorial team.


Female BDM of the Year

  • Lindsay Coates, Netwealth
  • Alessandra Bertora, Sunsuper
  • Banaf Davies, AIA
  • Louise Finlay, Allianz

Industry Advocacy

  • Philippa Sheahan, MyPlanner
  • Samantha Clarke, Advice RegTech
  • Tracey Sofra, Sofcorp
  • Karen Volpato, Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees
  • Sophie Harwood, Statewide Super
  • Anne Graham, Story Wealth Management

Marketing and Communications

  • Vanessa Ronan-Pearce, FinTech Australia
  • Deirdre Boyle, AIA
  • Elaine Herlihy, PayPal Australia
  • Nicole Kinnear, Elston

Financial Planner of the Year

  • Sandra Bowley, Heathcote & Kendall
  • Tracey Sofra, Sofcorp
  • Dawn Thomas, Wealthwise
  • Karen Ryrie, Wealth Planning Solutions
  • Sarah Lochran, Henry Financial Group

Superannuation Executive of the Year

  • Lisa Samuels, HESTA
  • Olivia Long, SuperGuardian
  • Allyson Lowbridge, Australian Ethical
  • Kerrie Williams, Frontier Advisors

Investment Manager of the Year

  • Dawn Kanelleas, Colonial First State Global Asset Management 
  • Felicity Cooper, Cooper Wealth Management
  • Elaine Stead, Blue Sky Alternative Investments
  • Susan Darroch, State Street Global Advisors


  • Anne Graham, Story Wealth Management
  • Marnie McLaren, BT Financial Group
  • Lea Schodel, Wellthy

Rising Star

  • Jorden Lam, HESTA
  • Claire Greenwell, TAL
  • Rufimy Khoo, EquipSuper
  • Celeste Dally, Family First Financial

IT Innovator of the Year

  • Rebecca Firns, Compare Your Life - iFace
  • Samantha Clarke, Advuce RegTech
  • Marielle Yeoh, PEXA
  • Linda Zeelie , Statewide Super

Life Insurance

  • Anne-Marie Ingegneri, MLC
  • Joanne Graves, AIA
  • Olivia Sarah Le-Lacheur, CommInsure

Mentor of the Year

  • Donna Picton, Elston
  • Natalie Dinsdale, Tyro Payments

Employer of the Year

  • TAL
  • AIA
  • Northern Trust
  • Statewide Super 

Woman of the Year

  • Anne Graham 
  • Karen Volpato  
  • Madeleine Senior 
  • Sally Loane 
  • Sue Viskovic
  • Eleanor Dartnall