Former CEO returns for BUSSQ board position

Industry superannuation fund BUSSQ has appointed Linda Vickers and Ben Young to its board of directors.

This would help existing board members to drive the fund’s strategic direction, it said.

Vickers was formerly chief executive of the fund and worked there for 22 years prior to her retirement in 2020.

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She joined in 1998 as a risk and compliance manager and took over as CEO in 2016 following a restructure while her CEO role was taken over by Damian Wills on her departure.

Meanwhile, Young owned Workplace Compliance Australia which specialised in workplace and industrial compliance matters.

The two director appointments brought the total number to eight directors.

The pair would join Geoff Baguley, Paul Hick, Christopher Taylor, Michael Ravbar, Jacqui Collie and Paula Masters on the board, four who were member representatives and four who were employer representatives.

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