DAC launches ‘goals based’ super options

Dynamic Asset Consulting (DAC) has launched ‘goals based’ retail superannuation portfolios, in a move that they say is an Australian first.

The specialist goals based investment advisory and management company’s new offering focused on helping financial advisers and investors tailor clients’ superannuation portfolios to achieve specific financial goals.

By adopting a ‘whole of business’ approach by combining retail super and non-super options, DAC hoped that the new portfolios would create a direct link for advisers wanting to oversee investment choices and management to suit both them and their clients.

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“DAC really opens up the opportunities for advisory groups to be ‘true to label’ goals based advisers and gain business and scale along the way, without having to reinvent the wheel,” DAC chairman, Matthew Walker said.

The portfolios would also allow advisers to spend more time with their clients.

“By having a number of different investment portfolios, advisers can ‘mass customise’ client solutions, delivering great tailored outcomes while carving out more time to focus on advising and supporting clients to achieve their goals,” Walker said.

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