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From MySuper to post-retirement: REST Super


From MySuper to post-retirement: REST Super
Damian Hill

Getting the implementation of Stronger Super right will set up superannuation funds to continue down the path to post-retirement solutions, according to Damian Hill, chief executive for Rest Super.

Hill said while investment news had been negative since the onset of the global financial crisis (GFC), the outcome of the GFC was to encourage better engagement with members and improve the super industry.

"There's huge opportunities with this regulatory change and how you're responding to it to actually turn that engagement to more positive messages, and I think that's important for funds to take advantage of because you don't get these opportunities too often in life, and this one is sort of staring us in the face if you plan about it early enough," he said.

Hill said that while the Stronger Super changes fit into REST's overall strategy, they should have been at the forefront of funds' minds anyway.

"I think we all underestimate what the flow-on impacts will be of better quality data, so I don't see this change program as being that divorced from our strategy," he said.

Hill expects the next round of superannuation discussion to centre around post-retirement strategies and the lead-up to retirement.

He said REST has not ruled out a lifecycle option in the future, but had not developed lifecycle as a part of MySuper due to the fund's long performance history and young demographics.

"In a MySuper environment we want to stick onto that performance history…This [Stronger Super legislation] can put us in good stead for that conversation [post-retirement] as well, but you've got to be careful to set up your product and your systems architecture so as you can take advantage of that down the track," he said.






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