Here’s why small somethings add up for your members

1 March 2024
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A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a question of all or nothing. If you can take small, consistent steps to improve your wellbeing, then you’re on the right track. It’s the All or Something approach, and every little something can help your members embrace better health and wellbeing. ​

As AIA’s 5590+ research has highlighted, the most common lifestyle diseases impacting many Australians can be prevented through small steps towards better health. ​  ​

If you can take small, consistent steps to improve your wellbeing, then you’re on the right track.

And when it comes to forming healthy habits that last, our AIA Experts say consistency is key. It’s easier to start small with simple actions – because being consistently good is better than being occasionally perfect.

In fact, here’s why small steps within AIA Vitality have supported members to have better health*: 

  • 150 days of engaging in the AIA Vitality program can help people achieve a healthier BMI
  • 250 days of engaging in the AIA Vitality program can help people achieve lower levels of mental distress
  • Engagement with the AIA Vitality program can improve physical and mental wellbeing

We're going All in on Something

In 2024, we’re creating a movement to inspire Australians to go all in on something – no matter how small. As Ash Barty says, “All the somethings really add up.”  

When we focus on the health of all Australians, everyone benefits. This helps to reduce the impact on the health system, creates improvements in the claims experience and contributes positively towards insurance premiums. 

As a life, health, and wellbeing insurer, we continue to invest in developing programs, partnerships, and propositions to educate, inspire and support Australians in maintaining and improving their health throughout their lives. 

Because when we champion Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, everyone wins. ​

We’re supporting healthier, longer, better lives by rewarding Australians for the small, healthy choices they make.​  

To celebrate our 10-year milestone of AIA Vitality, we’re excited to launch the Small Somethings challenge open to all Australians, whether they’re AIA Vitality members or not. It’s an opportunity for everyone to kickstart their journey toward a healthier, longer, better life.   

The challenge will run monthly and there are great rewards up for grabs for participating in a small challenge - whether it’s eating well, thinking well, planning well or moving well.

Join us to take action today

It’s easy to join! Head to the Small Somethings Challenge to learn more and sign up. And encourage your members to join and take the first step towards their healthier future today.

*As an Australian first, we conducted independent research on AIA Vitality with the help of RAND Europe, a non-for-profit research institution. Using 3.5 yrs of Australian data, the research examined the connection between physical exercise, and physical and mental health outcomes for AIA Vitality users. We think the results speak for themselves.

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