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29 September 2022
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After visiting his doctor to address the unexplained symptoms he was experiencing, Mark found himself in the hospital, getting an emergency blood transfusion. He was then transferred to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – a disease that, without treatment, would take his life in a matter of weeks.   

The aggressive nature of his cancer meant that Mark had to begin treatment immediately. So, while he was still in the early stages of processing his diagnosis, Mark was receiving treatment in hospital during lockdown, without the ability to have his family by his side. It was an overwhelming time, but Mark knew he had to stay strong for himself and for his loved ones.

Having always been in the insurance business, Mark saw first-hand the value that insurance could offer during times of difficulty. So, even though he thought he’d never need it, Mark fortunately had good insurance coverage in place with AIA Australia. In addition to providing relief from the financial burden of his treatment, Mark’s insurance coverage offered him an unprecedented level of support to help him through to recovery. 

As an AIA customer, Mark was able to access AIA Embrace – a holistic wellbeing and rehabilitation ecosystem with award-winning programs that support members through every stage of their wellbeing and recovery journey. Before his diagnosis, Mark was already benefiting from AIA Embrace by being an active Platinum status member of AIA Vitality – a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that is an integral part of the ecosystem. But now, as part of his journey back to wellness, Mark was given access to CancerAid, CaRe Movement, and Occupation Rehabilitation. 

The programs offered to Mark through AIA Embrace helped him through his wellness and recovery journey. Being diagnosed with a disease he didn’t understand, Mark felt empowered to take control of his cancer journey through CancerAid – a program that helped shed light on his diagnosis and detailed what he could expect. AIA Vitality helped him have a strong foundation of fitness and wellbeing, something he truly believes gave him an advantage in his recovery. CaRe Movement gave him the ability to maintain his fitness throughout his cancer treatment. The program helped Mark understand what exercises were appropriate for him and gave him extra encouragement when he needed it. And finally, when Mark was ready, Occupation Rehabilitation helped him and his employer put strategies in place for a successful return to work after 18 months of leave. 

In the end, with the support of these outstanding programs, Mark was able to not only return to work, but return to wellness, enjoying life with his family by his side.

Mark’s story is a testament to the power of the AIA Embrace ecosystem in helping support members at every stage of their health and wellbeing journey. From prediction and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and recovery, AIA Embrace offers world-class programs and partnerships designed to help members stay in good health, and should they become unwell, provide them with the care and support needed to get them back to health sooner.

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