Driving Growth in Asset Management: The Next Chapter

1 August 2022
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In January 2020, Northern Trust commissioned a global survey of 300 asset management organisations across the globe to better understand their two-year strategic plans for driving future growth. Little did one know that everything would change within weeks of the survey launch. And while the asset management industry weathered the pandemic well, quickly pivoting to an online work environment that curtailed in-person meetings, travel, and working from the office, COVID-19 has, perhaps forever, altered the way we work.


This year in partnership with WBR Insights, Northern Trust launched another survey, updating questions to better reflect how the world has changed but keeping the focus the same. As market conditions remain stressed, in an economy where interest rates are going up and inflationary and recessionary forces are top of mind, asset managers can no longer count on improving margins by increasing their assets. So what does driving growth look like?


While the challenges are significant, so are the opportunities. As we look to the future of asset management one thing is certain, woven among survey results, answers show asset managers of all sizes must be nimble and flexible and have operating models that are scalable, efficient and tech-enabled. Whether it be integrating new technology, leveraging the right outsourcing partners, re-evaluating their whole office, i.e. front-to-back operations, or doing all of these, an optimal operating model is crucial for future success.


Download our latest whitepaper to learn more about the strategies asset managers are considering to drive growth in their business.


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