UniSuper goes in-house with environmental investment

UniSuper is employing an active management approach using the MSCI ESG Research Sustainable Impact Metrics database to internalise the management of its Global Environmental Opportunities (GEO) fund.

Previously the fund was a passively managed investment option since its inception in 2012, and the in-house transition of the GEO will continue on its average environmental revenue target.

UniSuper manager of governance and sustainable investment, Talieh Williams said: “Our members are unique, they are highly educated, deeply engaged and can be focused on the impact of their investment choices and broader environmental issues".

“GEO is a good example of an investment option that provides our members with a way to align their retirement savings with their interests and beliefs," Williams said.

The GEO would continue its focus on alternative energy, sustainable water, pollution prevention, clean technology, and green building.

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