First-ever Women in Finance Summit launches

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Momentum Media is proud to launch its inaugural Women in Finance Summit, aimed at supporting and connecting leading female business owners in the financial services space.

Run with the support of principal partner Mortgage Choice (part of REA Group), the Women in Finance Summit will take place on Friday 10 November 2023 at The Star in Sydney. Click here to buy your tickets.

The summit includes a jam-packed agenda that will spark robust discussions aimed at reshaping the landscape of the Australian financial services industry to ensure women thrive in their businesses.

It will bring together like-minded women keen to effect long-lasting change by fostering an inclusive finance industry, while providing an unforgettable networking opportunity for those in the accounting, banking, insurance, financial advice, funds management, mortgage broking, and superannuation industries.

While the financial and insurance services industry has seen the largest decrease in the gender pay gap between 2015 and 2022 from 37.5 per cent to 28.5 per cent, it also has the second largest gap behind construction, according to the data from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

As such, speakers at the summit will debate this and other key issues facing female business leaders in the financial services space, and consider solutions to make the industry more attractive to the next generation of women.

Attendees will hear from leading business CEOs, trailblazing finance professionals, and thought leaders about how to overcome barriers, bolster support, and encourage more women to enter the industry.

The summit includes a captivating keynote session by Jess Hatzis, the mind behind skincare brand frank body and co-founder and CEO of branding agency Willow & Blake. She will outline how she became a dominant force in the business world, the challenges she faced on the way to placing in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, and strategies for other women to succeed in their businesses.

A panel session on empowering women in financial services will explore tools and support systems available to women, while speakers will discuss strategies to increase their representation across generations.

Life does not pause for those in business, something the speakers in the second panel session can attest to. 
In this powerful session, business owners will share their personal journeys and struggles, and provide insight into how they juggled family, women’s health, and life’s challenges while building a successful business.

Attendees will also hear why succession planning is critical in their business, based on first-hand experiences.

As financial services providers increasingly cater to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds,diversity advocates who have paved the way for success will share stories and provide insights on how to support these clients.

In this session, attendees will discover practical tips to enhance their understanding of cultural nuances, and learn how to navigate their clients’ unique practices and expectations and provide tailored solutions that exceed their expectations.

The summit will conclude with a compelling keynote by Mary Lemonis, chief people and sustainability officer at REA Group, who will offer lessons about cultivating a healthy workplace culture based on her first-hand experiences as a woman in a leadership role.

Momentum Media has curated a range of speakers who are thriving in their fields, including:

  • Jess Hatzis, the mind behind skincare brand frank body and co-founder and CEO of branding agency Willow & Blake
  • Min-Shi Michelle Lim: organisational culture and change lead, Reserve Bank Australia,
  • Dr John Yu Fellow for Cultural Diversity and Leadership
  • Dr. Samone McCurdy: executive manager capacity building, Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Tracey Sofra: managing director and founder, Sofcorp Wealth and CEO and founder, WOW Women Group
  • Larisha V Jerome: manager, Women’s Economic Empowerment at First Nations Foundation
  • Mary Lemonis, chief people and sustainability officer at REA Group
  • Camilla Love: director, Perennial Investment Management, and founder, F3 – Future Females in Finance
  • Lielette Calleja: director, Business Depot
  • Joanna James: speaker, author, mentor and advocate for women in business
  • Kim Payne: empowerment coach
  • Louisa Sanghera: finance and mortgage broker, Zippy Financial Group

Mortgage Choice executive manager, corporate communications, Sally Chadwick said the major brokerage is proud to partner with the inaugural Women in Finance Summit.

“The summit presents a great opportunity for women across the financial services industry to connect with their peers, invest in their professional development, establish new relationships, and hear from incredible keynote speakers including our very own Mary Lemonis.”

Annie Kane, managing editor of mortgages at Momentum Media, said: “After strong demand, we’re thrilled to launch the inaugural Women in Finance Summit, taking in feedback from industry to pull together an agenda that will inspire and connect women in finance.

“While the finance industry is an incredible one to work in, the proportion of women joining this industry is falling - so we’re dedicated to bringing together powerhouses in this sector to discuss how and why we can be ensuring the system is able to better support women and, hopefully, reverse the trend.

“With many of the leading women in finance flying into Sydney for the Women in Finance Awards, held later in the evening, we thought what better excuse to bring together some of the finalists (and former winners) at this summit. We look forward to seeing you there!”

The Women in Finance Summit will be held on Friday 10 November 2023 at The Star in Sydney, followed by the Women in Finance Awards.

Click here to buy tickets to the summit and don’t miss out!

For more information, including agenda and speakers, click here.

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