All off, all change please

Rollover can rarely remember a time when so many superannuation chief executives have headed for the exit.

In just the past six months he has been witness to the exit of ClubPlus chief executive, Paul Cahill, Local Government Super chief executive, Peter Lambert, and Christian Super chief executive, Peter Murphy.

You can add to those names the departure of former Pillar Administration chief executive, Peter Brook, who has subsequently picked up a new gig with a publicly-listed player, with Mercer having appointed former Financial Planning Association chief executive, Jo-Anne Bloch, to head up the Wollongong-based Pillar operation.

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Is that the end of it for superannuation fund CEO departures? Apparently not, with Rollover hearing rumours that another industry fund boss may soon be calling it quits.

Given the healthy level of the average salary of super fund chief executives, Rollover cannot imagine incumbents give up their roles lightly.

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