All off all change at this REST stop

Rollover was somewhat astonished to hear of all the senior executive departures from big retailing industry fund, REST and noted just how many other superannuation fund operatives were equally astonished.

While it has become somewhat traditional for funds to part ways with their executives at the end of calendar and/or financial years it is not at all common for funds to part company with five senior executives in one hit.

But what Rollover found particularly interesting was that the departures were occurring while it seemed that REST was still seeking to attract replacements to the senior roles, which is possibly why Super Review stumbled across the story in the first place.

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Still, it seems probable that REST chief executive, Vicki Doyle knows exactly what she is doing after having assumed the fund’s helm in May after spending a good deal of time running the superannuation business over at AMP Limited.

Whatever the challenges she and her new team are facing at REST in 2019 they are likely to be significantly less than those she might have faced had she remained at AMP.

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