Hill packing the shopping bags

While dealing with the issue of career changes, Rollover notes that REST chief executive, Damian Hill is packing his shopping bags and heading for challenges next year.

After 11 years at the helm of the retail industry fund, Hill announced that he would not be seeking renewal of his contract when it ended in January, next year, which means that shoppies union boss, Joe de Bruyn and the other REST trustee directors will have plenty of time to go head hunting.

Rollover is not sure what the future holds for Hill but he suspects it is something quite big, given that Super Review was contacted by a high-priced public relations firm asking whether we’d like a chat with Damien. Given the busyness of the day, we politely declined.

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Rollover is not sure who has been retained to do the head-hunt for REST, but he notes that there are quite a number of industry fund chief executives currently at a loose end and that some of them are unlikely to get their golf handicaps any lower.

On the other hand, past performance should not be taken as a guide.

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