Xpress Super partners with RateSetter

Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) administrator, Xpress Super has partnered with retail peer-to-peer lender RateSetter to provide investors with direct access to their RateSetter account on the Xpress Super platform.

The partnership aims to make it easier for SMSF investors to earn attractive returns by lending to creditworthy borrowers via RateSetter’s platform.

Xpress Super chief executive, Olivia Long, said: “Two of the key benefits of running an SMSF is the ability to select your own investments as well as invest in financial products not accessible with other superannuation vehicles. This is exactly what RateSetter allows SMSF trustees to do”.

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Long also noted that there was a natural fit between the two firms as they had a shared belief in the importance of transparency, control, and delivering value to investors.

RateSetter Australia chief executive, Daniel Foggo, said there was a realy shift in where SMSFs were looking to invest following the historically low cash rates and uncertainty in property and equity markets.

“With returns of up to 9.2 per cent a year and our exceptional track record both here and in the UK, we expect to see continued growth from SMSF investors seeking stable, attractive returns,” he said.

“Until now, investing in consumer and small business credit has been an option only available to a privileged few, including large wholesale investors and the banks.

“By working with partners such as Xpress Super, we’re giving SMSF investors an easy, simple-to-manage option to access this attractive established asset class.”

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