Super Review’s Superannuation Guide 2024

Superreview guide

For over 30 years, Australia’s globally renowned superannuation system has prepared members for a prosperous retirement. By leveraging the expertise of investment professionals, the industry has navigated volatility in the economic environment and delivered healthy returns for members and their families.

However, many Australians are still unaware of the benefits of the super system. A recent Melbourne University study revealed just half of the adult population believes the super industry “works well” for them.

This guide aims to better inform the community about the benefits of super, and in doing so, encourage Australians to better engage with their fund.


  • The history and origins of the Australian super system
  • How super works
  • The evolving super framework
  • Types of super funds
  • Choosing the right super fund

This guide also includes Q&A profiles of two of Australia’s leading super funds – UniSuper and CSC – recently recognised at Super Review’s Super Fund of the Year Awards. These award-winning funds explain how they consistently deliver strong outcomes for members and stand out in a competitive market.

Together with our partners, UniSuper and CSC, Super Review hopes this guide will help you harness the power of super to achieve your retirement objectives.

Partner profiles:

Fund category: Industry
We’ve helped Australians prepare for a better retirement for over 40 years. Our record of strong long-term investment pe...
Fund category: Public sector
With over a century of experience in successfully managing the superannuation needs of the Australian government and Def...