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ARF plus STA = AustralianSuper


The directors of the merged Australian Retirement Fund and the Superannuation Trust of Australia have gone for an easily recognised brand for the new 1.1 million member, $20 billion entity — AustralianSuper.

The directors announced in Melbourne yesterday that they had selected AustralianSuper as the new name for the fund after commissioning Richard Henderson to undertake the re-branding exercise.

Announcing the change, the chair of the new fund, Geoff Ashton, said the merger had not simply been aimed at creating the largest superannuation fund, but at utilising its size to deliver improved superannuation products and services to members.

He said that as of July 1, members would have access to an extended range of 15 member investment options, along with substantially improved insurance products, with in-house retirement income products also on the agenda.






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