Metlife expands healthcare tool features

15 September 2022
| By Laura Dew |
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Metlife is rolling out additional features for its 360Health Virtual Care tool to its superannuation fund members to address problems such as reduced mobility and wellbeing.

The digital service had been launched in April 2021 and MetLife said it worked closely with super funds to make it easy for people to access.

Speaking to Super Review, Lina Saliba, chief customer and marketing officer, said the service was now being updated with improved features focused on fitness and recovery.

This would allow members, regardless of whether they had made a claim, to connect with experts worldwide to get a second opinion on health matters, contact specialists and

“We are listening to what members tell us and how we can help them, we should always be trying to improve our service and super funds are looking to us to evolve.

“People are living longer and want to be healthy, this is an opportunity to prevent illness in later life at no extra cost to them.”

The service was being rolled out to all eligible customers and super fund members progressively over the next 12 months.

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